Saturday, August 04, 2007

Alaskan Cruise-Humpback Bubble Net Feeding Part One

These photos show the amazing cooperative behavior that Humpback Whales perform. This is a group of about 15 Humpbacks. The group is led by a large female who signals to the other whales. One whale goes down and blows a circle of bubbles below a school of small fish, like F=Krill. The fish are then trapped in the net of bubbles. Then all the whales come up through the tunnel of bubbles, with their huge mouths open, scooping up the fish. You will see all the open mouths at the surface. Humpbacks have pleated throats that expand like a ballon to trap large quantity or fish. Then, inside their mouths, baleen filters out the fish from the water. It was so cool to see this rare behavior in person!

Click any photo for a larger view. All images are copyrighted, but if you know me, your welcome to a copy for your personal use. Email me for a high resolution image.


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