Saturday, January 06, 2007

Still more pics...

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A harbor view, with a sea lion in the water.

One of the streetcars running off electricity. There is a large collection of streetcars, I guess, collected from all over the world that run here, like a museum that you can ride! And yes, one streetcar is named "Desire", though I don't know which one.

Yesterday the streetcar I was on was totally packed like sardines. The driver was a riot! He was like a crabby New York City cab driver with attitude. He'd insult passengers for comic relief. It was a very fun ride.

A view of the harbor. After my ride I had some kick ass clam chowder with sourdough bread! Did you know that sourdough bread in SF tastes different from sourdough in other locations??? That's because it's a particular bacteria that only lives in this area. Sourdough baker's guard their sourdough starters like thier life depends on it.

This is one of many street performers by Fisherman's Wharf. One guy would hide between some branches by the sidewalk and would scare people walking by. There were break dancers, musicians and more.

Another harbor view.


Blogger Forever Young said...

just awesome, there's some similarities with sydney, harbour bridge, etc quaint.

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